NEW! Headache Skateboard Deck.

Print on demand products produced and shipped by Threadless.

FREE! Felt Tip v1.0 for Procreate.

A new FREE Procreate brush that mimics the look of Sharpie Fine/Ultra Fine markers.

Element Skateboard

In Nov 2018 I was approached by Element to design a Madars Aspe pro model board.

Process videos on YouTube

From time to time I share videos of my Procreate and Sketchbook processes.

Rik Catlow

An Austin, TX based artist and illustrator fascinated by advertising mascots, videogames and Tiki culture.

I’m a full-time UX Design Director and have a passion for art and illustration. You can see my current illustration portfolio on Adobe Portfolio, I also post weekly on Instagram and Dribbble.

You can also visit, which is a drawing prompts site I made a couple of years ago. I created this site to solve my own problem of what to sketch in my sketchbook. Hope you find it helpful too.

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